Adobe Photoshop CC Fundamentals Training Course


October 21-22, 2019

Registration Deadline October 14, 2019

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This is a public training course and delivered Live Online as a two solid days of Photoshop CC. All training uses the Official Adobe workbook and project files for extra reference after the course. This training covers all of the Photoshop CC Quick Start plus the intermediate level skills and techniques. Receive an Official Adobe Certificate of Completion. Electronic versions of the Official Adobe Courseware are included.

DAY 1  All of Adobe Photoshop CC Quick Start


Masks and Channels
Examine the extensive Photoshop masking features. Start by creating a mask and refining it. Learn about the relationship between selections, masks, and channels.

Typographic tools in Photoshop CC
Among the type features are support for OpenType, extensive character and paragraph formatting capabilities, a wide variety of effects and transformations (positioning text on a path and warping text).

Vector Drawing
Draw vector paths to create smooth lines, selections or complete drawings. Create vector shapes with shape tools and custom shapes. Use the Pen tool to make selections that are more precise and easier to adjust than with other selection tools.

Working With Camera Raw
Adobe Camera Raw is a Photoshop plug-in that lets you work with the data in raw files in proprietary camera formats. Camera Raw is deeply integrated with Photoshop, learn how to use its features to complement the tools and enhance your techniques in Photoshop.

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