Adobe InDesign CC Intensive Training Course


November 11-13, 2019

Registration Deadline November 4, 2019

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This is a Live Online three day InDesign CC bootcampYou’ll cover everything in the InDesign CC Quick Start and Fundamentals courses plus the advanced techniques for Power Users listed below. All training uses the Official Adobe workbook and project files for extra reference after the course.  Receive an Official Adobe Certificate of Completion. Electronic versions of the Official Adobe Courseware are included.

DAY 1  All of InDesign CC Quick Start

DAY 2  All of InDesign CC Fundamentals


Working with Transparency
Learn how to import Photoshop and Illustrator graphics that include transparency, and you can add transparency effects to InDesign objects. Discover ways you can modify InDesign objects using the transparency features and effects.

Printing and Exporting Documents
Cover the tools for successfully printing with InDesign. Whether your publication is a brochure, package design, or newsletter, learn how to check the file for potential printing problems and how to achieve the desired results when printing. Also create PDF files for a variety of purposes— including high-resolution printing and online distribution.

Creating Adobe PDF Files with Form Fields 
Create text fields, radio buttons, check marks, combo boxes, and signature fields, as well as buttons for printing, submitting a form by e-mail, and clearing a form. Learn how to create InDesign documents that contain form fields must be exported as Adobe PDF (Interactive).

Creating and Fixed and Reflowable EPUBs
InDesign offers two choices for exporting EPUBs: EPUB (Reflowable), which exports the content in a way that allows it to flow automatically from page to page on any compatible e-reader regardless of the dimensions of the screen, and EPUB (Fixed Layout), which creates EPUBs with fixed dimensions designed to fit a particular size screen. You will create and export an EPUB files that are compatible with the current generation of ebook readers.

Once payment is received we will provide the link and the connection details to your live training session.


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