Adobe Illustrator CC Quick Start Training Course


Dec 9, 2019

Registration Deadline Dec 2, 2019

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This is a one day public training course and delivered Live Online that will systematically go through Illustrator CC’s interface and tools, then show you how to make basic artwork and output your work. If you are new to Illustrator CC and need to get started right away, the Illustrator CC Quick Start course is designed for you. All training uses the Official Adobe workbook and project files for extra reference after the course.  Receive an Official Adobe Certificate of Completion. Electronic versions of the Official Adobe Courseware are included.


Introduction Illustrator CC
Using the basic commands, tools, and panels learn general techniques for using the work area efficiently, see how basic Illustrator elements work together to create page layouts.

Working with Selections
Learn how to select objects and anchor points and ways to align them. Understand what shapes are composed of and how to select, move, group, and align them.

Creating Shapes and Artwork
Learn how to create them and how to edit them. Use smart guides, shape builder, use pathfinder commands and the various drawing modes.

Editing and Combining Shapes and Paths
Apply various transformation commands for editing content. Learn various methods for manipulating content by resizing, moving, rotating, skewing, and multiple transformations. Use Shape Builder and the Pathfinder to create and combine shapes.

Type Basics
Use Illustrators powerful Type tools to as text precisely to your layouts. Control spacing, size and text wrap.

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