Adobe Illustrator CC Intensive Training Course


Dec 9-11, 2019

Registration Deadline Dec 2, 2019

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This is a public training course and delivered Live Online as a three day Illustrator CC bootcamp. All training uses the Official Adobe workbook and project files for extra reference after the course. You’ll cover everything in the Illustrator CC Quick Start and Fundamentals courses plus the advanced techniques for Power Users listed below. Receive an Official Adobe Certificate of Completion. Electronic versions of the Official Adobe Courseware are included.

DAY 1  All of Illustrator CC Quick Start

DAY 2  All of Illustrator CC Fundamentals


Become familiar with brushes in Adobe Illustrator and how they are different than the brushes in Adobe Photoshop CC and other image-editing and paint programs. Use Image brushes, Art brushes, Pattern brushes and Bristle Brushes to enhance your designs.

Effects, Graphic Styles and Appearance Attributes
Effects in Illustrator are similar to Effects in InDesign and Photoshop’s Smart Filters. There are many types of effects, including raster effects such as the Dry Brush Artistic effect. Learn how to apply and edit all types of effects. Alter the look of an object without changing its underlying structure by applying strokes, fills, transparency, effects and more. Learn how to saved graphic styles to be used on other artwork within that document or future documents.

Symbols can be applied with the Symbol Sprayer tool or as a method for artwork management. Learn how placed symbols can be updated instantaneously throughout a document.

Combining Graphics Applications
Use Illustrator CC graphics with other Adobe applications. Learn how to integrate Photoshop CC images into Illustrator CC  layouts as well as discover the best way to import graphics into other Adobe applications.

Preparing Content for the Web
Use Illustrator CC to prepare and export (save) artwork as optimized content for on-screen display. Learn to align content to the pixel grid. Create Character styles and CSS Code, copy and export CSS and save artwork as SVG.

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