Adobe Illustrator CC Fundamentals Training Course


Dec 9-10, 2019

Registration Deadline Dec 2, 2019

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This is a public training course and delivered Live Online as a two solid days of Illustrator CC. This training covers all of the Illustrator CC Quick Start plus the intermediate level skills and techniques. All training uses the Official Adobe workbook and project files for extra reference after the course.  Receive an Official Adobe Certificate of Completion. Electronic versions of the Official Adobe Courseware are included.

DAY 1  All of Illustrator CC Quick Start


Drawing With The Pen tool
Learn how the Pen tool draws paths precisely. Proficiency with the Pen tool and the Bezier curve editing techniques associated with it are key career skills for digital artists.

Colour and Painting
Painting techniques in depth. Gain skill with the different types of colour controls, colour types, colour groups and patterns. User Kuler, Recolour Artwork and Live Paint to create original designs

Working with Type
Adobe Illustrator is often used for complete page layouts. Work with precise spacing controls, type on path, or wrap around objects. Apply colours, gradients, patterns, and effects to the fill or stroke of type, or even change it to character outlines.

Using Layers
Understand how layers are useful for organizing a document. Learn to use the stacking order of objects, and creating different versions of an illustration or storing annotations that don’t print.

Gradients and Blends
Gradients and Blends create transitions between colours or shapes. Go beyond the hard-edged shapes and create unique designs by blending shapes and colours.

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